Creative Container Gardens

A couple of the combos we’ve put together this week. Which one is your favorite?

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Ever Seen a Dog Fish?

dog fishOur customers aren’t the only ones excited to see new fish. A fresh shipment of fish are now ready to sell at our Creekside Nursery in Vestavia. Come see what all the excitement is about!

Easter Plants Are Here

easter liliesAndy’s Creekside Nursery in Vestavia has beautiful Easter Lilies, Wheat Grass and Hydrangea!

Mosquito Control Container Gardens!

mosquito planterThis container garden has been the talk of the nursery for the past two weeks. Guess what?! Andy’s Creekside Nursery has all the ingredients for a mosquito control container garden IN STOCK! The Ageratum and Marigold plants we carry are tried and true for our region. They make perfect substitutes for what has been specified below. Let us help you design your own bug control container today!

Alabama Produce Arriving Fresh Each Day!

12Buying locally grown food not only helps farmers in your area, it’s also the easiest way to find the best tasting produce! Food grown far from the market in which it is sold is usually bland and tasteless compared with fresher fruits and veggies, because it is picked long before it ripens. Allowing tomatoes to vine-ripen means incredibly full, bold flavor! You will never find a peach as tasty as one that was picked the same day you bite into it. Come to Andy’s farm market today and support your local farmers by eating the freshest food in the state!

alabama produce